Before implementing the Solar systems at your place one must know the advantages and disadvantages of Solar Power,type of solar Power system(which you will learn in the next chapter) without which the actual understanding and implementation is not only difficult but also makes the decision making difficult.

We are listing herewith the following Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar energy:

Advantages for adopting Solar Energy:

1.The biggest advantage of the solar energy is that it is absolutely free unless the Govt. of India decides to tax it.
2.The other biggest advantage is that the Sun’s Energy is abundant,predictable,almost constant and will remain till the life on Earth is sustaining.
3. It is the most clean form of energy the mankind has known till now except that whatever pollution is done while making solar cells.
4.The solar panels and other equipment has fairly a long span of life ranging from 20-30 years(technology improving everyday).
5. The new technologies are enabling the general public to use it at a fair price and withing the common man’s reach.
6. In India there is enough Sun shine to tap the near possible best use except for some mountain and Snow filled areas.
7. India being an energy starved state,the cost of energy will be always high and increasing and availability will be scarce.
8.It has a low gestation period and can be set up in a month or two even if the plant size is too big.
9.It can be generated at the point  of Distribution and thus the Transmission losses can also be saved.

Disadvantages of Adopting Solar Energy:

1. The current biggest cost is the Capital upfront cost which is still high and is out of reach of the common man.
2. There is not enough trained manpower to handle the Installation and Maintenance, which makes it expensive.
3. The Government has done very little on the subject to bring awareness among masses as well as creating Infrastructure to reduce the prices of equipment as well as creating manpower Bank.

However,it is natures rule to balance all the above shortcomings and the conditions are now better than ever on all the front to reap the benefits of solar energy in India as the system utility and advantages weighing much more than the shortcomings which can be eventually overcome with the passage of time.