Solar Blinker 400 mm

Bull Nose Lights

Bull Nose Lights-Toll Plaza Equipment
Model No.: XBNL-01
Price : INR 10,350
Discount: 5% (Above 10 pcs)
Warranty: 12 Months



Toll Plaza Equipment-Bull Nose Lights or Fog lights are installed on the Bull nose crash Barriers to warn the motorist about the dividing of lanes and the Toll booth safety so that the vehicles don’t ram into them. It is the mixture of two color LEDs, Amber and White LEDs. Amber LEDs are static whereas the White LEDs blink at a specified rate (as per your requirement).

Specifications of Bull Nose Lights/Fog Lights:-

• Sizes Available (Window Diameter): 300 mm / 400 mm
• Types / Design: Amber Led 5 mm encapsulated in Convex Lenses-31 (two rings) 9000 Mcd.
• Power Consumption:  Max. 6 W.
• Visibility: 500 meters under ambient conditions for 300 mm light.
• Enclosure: Poly carbonate / Mild steel (powder Coated) as per requirement.
• Mounting – Enclosure: As per your requirement.

Working Demonstration: