Declaration: All what has been mentioned here is subject to change without giving any notice to anyone as and when the State or Central Government changes its taxation rules though  we try to upload the latest rules,we can not take responsibility for any loss on account to anyone due to this notification. Ordering on our site implies that you have checked and confirmed the rules at your local state level.

The Goods sold at our web site are on Ex Works/office  basis-currently from our Janak Puri Office. All local transport from our office to transporters,courier service or to Railway station are charged extra. Our responsibility seizes once the goods leaves our office/Warehouse or factory premises.

There are different forms (waybill Forms) used from one state to others for movement of goods. It will be customers responsibility to provide us information and supply the same before the dispatch of goods. Any confiscation,delay,loss on that account will not be our responsibility,please note.

Subject to Delhi Jurisdiction Courts