These are the common terms used in Photo Voltaic Systems and must be understood before you attempt to come into this Industry:

Solar Cell: Solar Cell (also known as Photo voltaic cell) is an electrical device which produces electricity using the Sun’s energy through a process known and Photo Voltaic process.The process through which photon present in the solar light when hits the solar cell produces photo electric charge.

Solar Panels: When multiple Solar cells are joined together to garner useful D.C. Current ,they are known as Solar Panels.

Solar Arrays:Solar Arrays are  Multiple Solar panels joined together to produce ample power to run devices at homes or locations

Solar Trackers:Solar trackers are those devices,when connected to the Solar Arrays can move them toward sun.Depending upon the Lateral and longitudinal tracking they are known as Single Axis Solar Trackers or Double Axis Trackers, we will learn this in detail in the next Tutorial.

Solar Panel Connectors: Solar Panel Connectors are the electrical joints through which the Internal Solar Cells are joint with the outside devices,or are other connected to other Solar Panels with the help of Solar Panel Wires.

Solar Panel Wires:Solar Panel Wires are the wires through which we connect the Solar Panels to other devices or may be to connect with other solar panels to increase the power we need.

Batteries:Batteries are used in Solar Photo voltaic systems to store charge/ Electricity so that it may be used when there is no Sun or grid electricity.

Battery Bank: When Two or more batteries are joined together to increase the Power bank in order to store electricity,it is known as Battery Bank.

Battery Wires: Battery Wires are those wires through which Batteries are connected within the Battery Bank.

Charge Controllers: Charge Controllers are those devices which protect the battery and battery bank from over charging and over Discharge. There are number of types of Charge Controllers.

We will study them in detail in our next Tutorial.

A.C Volts:
D.C Volts:
Difference between Solar Charge Controllers,
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