LED Rope Light



LED Rope Lights



We are leading manufacturers and exporters of LED Rope Lights. They are made of high quality and has great brightness. They are mainly used during festivals (Diwali, Christmas, etc.) and marriages.


• The cover is combination of PVC and copper wire harness.
• Anti-aging, Anti-shock, Easy transportation, Safe.
• Low power consumption.
• Long service life, lower heat, wide variety of choices (optional in 100 m, 90 m, 45 m, 9 m)
• Available in Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.
• Small diameter, good flexibility.


1) Working voltage: 12 – 240 V DC.
2) Max. wattage: 4.4 W for one unit.
3) Working temperature: -40 ~ +50°C
4) Outer diameter: Φ11.5-13mm or flat.
5) Outer color: Colorful.
6) Life of LED: above three years.
7) Protective grade: IP 44.
9) Length could be extended as per customers’ need.

Working Demonstration:

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