OHLS Lights

Overhead Lane Signal Lights (OHLS Lights)


Over Head Lane Signal Lights (OHLS Lights)
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251-500Nos 800 11.80
501-1000Nos 775 11.43
above 1000 725 10.69

Product Description


OHLS Lights or Overhead Lane Signal Lights or Motor Ways Lights are installed at the top of the canopies of toll plaza entries. They are mounted on steel enclosures with heavy duty clamps. Since they work for 24 hours without any break in high temperatures exposed to direct sunlight, it requires a real rugged power supply to cope. Equipped with UV stabilized rust proof poly carbonate housing and lenses, these lights provide a long distance sighting of Lane running Status (500 meters). It can be built with various Insignia and signs as per need.


• Available in sizes: 300 mm / 400 mm.
• Overhead Power Consumption: Max. 6 W.
• Wave Length: Red color 630 NM; Green Color 526 NM.
• Luminous Intensity: 8000 – 9000 mcd.
• Working Voltages: 150 Volts – 220 volts at 50 Hz converted to 12v DC.()
• Visibility: 500 meters under ambient conditions.
• Lighting Enclosure: Rust proof poly carbonate housing & lenses / Mild steel (powder coated) as per requirement.
• Mounting Enclosure: As per your requirement.
• Mounting Orientation: Vertical / Horizontal as desired.

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