Traffic Intersection Control Lights

Solar Mobile Traffic Lights


Solar Mobile Traffic Lights
Discount- 5% (Above 5 pcs)
Warranty: 12 Months

Qty wise Price List
Quantity INR Price Export Price in USD
1 to 10 Nos 900 13.27
11-50 Nos 875 12.91
51-100Nos 850 12.54
101-250Nos 825 12.17
251-500Nos 800 11.80
501-1000Nos 775 11.43
above 1000 725 10.69

Product Description


Solar Mobile Traffic Lights are built around the Idea that if an actual Installed system is failed, the mobile system can be towed to the troubled site and placed in a matter of few minutes.It works practically like an actual Intersection Light for 3 working days even if the power supply is disconnected.It is also useful at accident site.

Available in one, two, three and four aspects.
Available in three sizes: 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm


• Diameter of Aspect: 300 (mm), Red – Full Ball, Green – Straight Arrow
• Timers Two digit (99): (Reverse Counters)
• All four Sides North, South, East, West. Total apsects-12 nos.
• Height: Can be adjusted from 1900(mm) to 2900(mm), other requirements are also welcome.
• Material: CRC sheet of 1 mm metal platform.
• Size: 30 x 30 inches- powder coated.
• Light housing: Poly carbonate.
• Solar Cell: Mono Crystalline / Poly crystalline 100 Watts.
• Battery: 12volts 65 Ah, maintenance-free.
• Light Source :61 LEDs (8000-10000mcd) encapsulated in Convex Lenses for distant visibility.
• Display : Constant light, timing can be adjusted from 15-99 seconds.
• Flash Rate : Amber Blinking 40-60/min.
• Visual Distance: 1 km.
• Working Time In Rainy Days: 128 hours when fully charged.


• In case of failure of traffic signal.
• In rural areas, where electricity is an issue.
• In small intersection areas.

Working Demonstration:


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