Solar Speed Sign

Solar Speed Sign Boards


(Discount- 5% Discount above 10 pcs.)
Warranty- One year
Delivery- Within 10 days of confirmed order.

Qty wise Price List
Quantity INR Price Export Price in USD
1 to 10 Nos 900 13.27
11-50 Nos 875 12.91
51-100Nos 850 12.54
101-250Nos 825 12.17
251-500Nos 800 11.80
501-1000Nos 775 11.43
above 1000 725 10.69

Product Description

Description of Solar Speed sign Boards:

Aakriti Solar” is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of high quality Solar Speed Sign Boards under the brand name “Xtreme”. Solar Speed Sign Boards are ideal for displaying speed signs on roads even at night. Now no excuses for motorist that the speed signs are not visible at night even on Indian highways, where there is no electricity supply. Just go on the site. Dig a small trench put the poles with speed signs and forget. They are self illuminating in the night and will switch off at the dawn automatically……….”Aakriti Solar” helps in controlling traffic and saving valuable lives.

Application of “Xtreme” Solar Speed Sign boards: Speed Control Sign Boards

Sizes Available: (mm) in Solar Speed Sign Boards (Ex. Stock)
XSCM-01: 900 x 600 x 52
XSCM-02: 750 x 600 x 52
XSCM-03: 600 x 450 x 52.
Other sizes on demand also available

Specifications of Solar Speed Sign Boards
• Solar Panel: 450 mAh / 9 V / 4 Watts.
• Battery: Li-Ion 6 volt 4.5 AH. C-10.
• Backup: 108 hours when fully charged.
• LED: 117-130;
• Color: Red, Yellow, Green or White.
• Display thickness: Aluminum Sheet / ACP 2 mm.
• Sheet metal: 600 mm x 600 mm x 53 mm; powder coated.
• Blinking frequency: 40 to 50 per minute as required.
• Reflective tape : High intensity tape of 3 m.
Outer casing in CRC sheet of 18-20 gauge thickness with powder coating

Advantages of Solar Arrow Boards:
• Automatic Flashing at night time.
• Each shining day of charging could last flashing for 180 hours.
• No power cost. Power charge from the sun.
• No wire and no power supply problem.
• Its convenient to install it anywhere.

Working Demonstration:


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