Traffic Signal countdown timers

Traffic Signal Countdown Timers

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Product Description

Description of Traffic Signal Countdown Timers:

Traffic Signal Countdown Timers are extensively used on highways,city roads and many such places. Our product encompasses digits that displays second or minutes. Owing to many such attributes, this range of Digit Count Down Timer are widely demanded.

Specifications of Traffic Signal Countdown Timers:

Working Voltages: 220 volts /110 volts Ac or 12 volts/ 24 volts DC
Color Availability: Single/Double Color – Red/Green as per requirement
Digit Sizes Available: 6 / 8 inches (for Smaller Municipal Roads)
12 Inches, 15 Inches (Bigger size Roads)
Time Display: 00-99 (seconds) known as Double digit timer
: 000-199 (Seconds) known as 2.5 digit timers
: 000 -999 (Seconds) Known as three digit timer
Visibility: up to 400 meters.
Temperature: -15 deg Celsius to +45 Degrees Celsius.
Operation Range
Housing : Sheet Metal / Plastic Poly carbonate with Visor.

Working Demonstration:


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