Solar Chevron Lights

Solar Chevron Light
Model: XSRSG-01
Price : INR 9,950/-
Discount: 5% (Above 10 pcs).
Warranty- 12 Months



Aakriti Solar Pvt Ltd is the  leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Solar Chevron Lights (also known as Solar Direction Sign Boards) under the Brand name “Xtreme” in India. They give directions to the motorist. They are mainly used in hilly areas and at roads under construction to warn the motorists about change in driving conditions.

Sizes Available: (mm) in Solar Chevron

XSCM-01: 900 x 600 x 52
XSCM-02: 750 x 600 x 52
XSCM-03: 600 x 450 x 52

Specifications of Solar Chevrons:

• Solar Panel: 450 mAh / 9 V / 4 Watts.
• Battery: Li-Ion 6 volt 4.5 AH. C-10.
• Backup: 108 hours when fully charged.
• LED: 117-130;
• Color: Red, Yellow, Green or White.
• Display thickness: Aluminum Sheet / ACP 2 mm.
• Sheet metal: 600 mm x 900 mm x 53 mm; powder coated.
• Blinking frequency: 40 to 50 per minute as required.
• Reflective tape : High intensity tape of 3 m.

Advantages of Solar Cheverons:

• Automatic Flashing at night time.
• Each shining day of charging could last flashing for 180 hours.
• No power cost. Power charge from the sun.
• No wire and no power supply problem.
• Its convenient to install it anywhere.

Material Used in Solar Cheverons:

The outer cabinet is rust proof with powder coating processing. The front panel is made up of Aluminium/ACP Aluminium Sheet of 3 mm thickness or as required. Pasted with HIP/ commercial grade high reflective grade sheet or as per your requirement.The sizes,material,led numbers/backup and other parameters can be changed as per your /OE requirement.

Working Demonstration:

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