Solar Delineator 95 mm


Model No. : XSD-01S
Name : Solar Delineators
Price : INR 1050

 Special discounts above 250 pcs.


Aakriti Solar Pvt Ltd is the leading Solar Delineators Manufacturers,suppliers,exporter and Importer in India with its brand name “Xtreme”.

Solar Delineators with super capacitors  is a new concept which replaces traditional rechargeable batteries which makes the devices unusable after 500 cycles of charge and discharge after which the device becomes useless. The Life of super capacitor is 90,000 cycles and make the devices life long useful.



• Plastic : Poly carbonate – clear, UV resistant.
• Mesh / Pole : (optional), pole height – 1 meter (or optional).
• Powder coated (Pole & Mesh) : 40 microns with two rings of Hip tape.
• Reflective tape high intensive prismatic.
• Solar Panel : Mono crystalline / Polycrystalline : 4 Volts / 300mAh.
• Battery :Super capacitor 2.7 volts 220F.
• Back up : 28  hours after full charging.
• Color : Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Green.
• Flashing / Blinking / Still : can be customized.


• Warns in Advance about T- Junctions, obstructions, round about and other hazardous situation.
• Autonomous control, no switching on-off required.
• No risk of electric shocks etc.
• Clean and green energy.
• No digging of Roads, No permission required.

Terms & Conditions:

• Delivery-Within 2 weeks of confirmed Purchase Order along with 30% advance and rest before delivery.
• F.O.B New Delhi.
• Fixing charges extra depending upon quantity and place of fixation.
• All Local and Central Taxes Extra.
• Subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.
• Warranty subject to Warranty conditions-please read our detailed catalog.

Working Demonstration:

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