Solar Highway Flasher



Solar Highway Flashers
Model No. : XSHF-01




Solar Highway Flashers are typically used on Highways where high speed traffic is there and a very little reaction time is there to avoid dangerous cults, curves, construction sites, crossing traffic or diversions. They ideally blink at a faster rate than 1 Hz to send warning signal to greater distances so that motorist can slow down and control his speed.

There are three types of alternating lighting color system in Solar Highway Flashers – Red and Amber, Amber and Amber, Red and Blue depending from country to country requirements code.

Specifications of Solar Highway Blinkers:

• Each capsule consist of 30 led’s, emitting high frequency flashing of 120 cycles/min for giving advance warning to motorist.
• Mono Crystalline / Poly crystalline panel of 12 watts.
• Battery: 12 volts, 7.2 Ah – Exide.
• Color Combination: Red and Amber, Amber and Amber, Red and Blue.
• Enclosure: Stainless Steel (Anti Rust) or Mild Steel as required.
• Light Enclosure: Poly carbonate, U.V. resistant.
• Weight: Depends on Module.
• Backup: 63 hours when fully charged.
• Charge time: 8 to 9 hours.
• Height Recommended: 8 to 10 feet from ground level.

Advantages of Solar Highway Blinkers:

• No electricity requirement.
• No Short Circuits, No danger from shocks, completely safe.
• Autonomous lights, No switching on-off, self sufficient.
• No Running cost, hence economical.
• Completely water Proof so long life.
• Good visibility and attracts the attention of motorists for impending dangerous sites ahead.

Working Demonstration:

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