Solar Traffic Blinkers


Solar Traffic Blinkers -Plastic
Model No. : XSTB-01

Price: Rs.8950/-(without pole)

Discount: 5% Above 25 pcs

Warranty: 1 years

Solar Traffic Blinkers are devices which are powered by Solar Panels and they are meant for giving warning to motorists. Solar Traffic Blinkers are made of LED’s which consume much less power. It blinks and warns the motorist. Generally they are used in Yellow/Amber Color LED’s. (Sometimes Red Color LED’s are also used)

 Specifications of Solar Traffic Blinkers:-

Body: Molded from virgin Industrial Poly carbonate material, the blinkers are perfect blend of Finishing,durability and functional excellence.Colors Available- Black outer and Window is absolutely transparent.Water proof body confirming to IP55 standards.

Window Size: 300 mm with hat molded in the front piece makes it Typhoon Proof as it will never fly off in Heavy winds.

• Solar cell : Type-Mono crystalline.
• Voltage : 18 V / 450 mA.
• Battery : Type – Plumbic acid, Voltage-12 v/7.2 Ah.
• LED : Size 5 mm 61 LED encapsulated in Convex lenses / 114 LED / 204 LED or as per requirement.
• Colors : Red and Yellow.
• Luminous intensity : 8000-9000 mcd.
• Blinking Frequency : 1 b HZ ± 20.
• Operating time : Sustain power supply continuously for over 4 days when in the wet or rainy days after full-charging.
• Temperature range : -20°C to + 70°C.
• Usage condition : With street lamp or not.
• Warranty : One year.
• Battery Life : Over 3 years used in an efficient way.

Other Window Aspect Size Available: choice between 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm (New Highway Version).

Key features:

• No need of power supply, no digging of roads, easy installation, no short circuit.
• Low power consumption, long life, low operating costs.
• Made up of super-bright LED arrays, with single-chip micro-controller with solar panels & maintenance free batteries.
• Fixed  on Municipal roads & Highways for warning the motorists about dead ends.

Working Demonstration:

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