Solar Studs

Solar Road Stud-Super capacitor
Model No.: XSRS – 02
Price: Rs.1390/-
Discount: Above 250 pcs
Warranty: 24 Months


Aakriti Solar Pvt Ltd is the leading Solar Road Studs Manufacturer in India with its brand name “Xtreme”.

These Solar Road Studs comes with Super Capacitor which replaces the battery concept. Efficiency and durability is much more as compared to battery as the battery life is just 500 cycles whereas the Super capacitor has life cycle of 50,000 cycles…is it not awesome.

Solar Road studs are LED blinking devices used on the roads to improve road safety, reduce accidents on the road by providing in sight location to the drivers and giving them road visibility conditions,curves,edges ahead under their course of driving vision.


• Construction : Aluminum – Alloy.
• 100% water proof design confirms to IP 67.
• Dimension : 140 mm x 128 mm x 82 mm ;  + 1 mm, Height of shank – 54 mm; + 0.5 mm
• Diameter of Shank : 42.5 mm  + 0.5 mm.
• Plastic : Unbreakable, Scratch Proof poly carbonate for maintenance free operation.
• Solar panel high efficiency mono crystalline 5.5 V/60 m A.
• Battery: one number Super capacitor 2.7 volts 220 F
• Compression Strength : 25 Tons.
• Autonomy :60 hours when fully charged.
• Color: Red, Amber, Blue, Green and White.
• Blinking : Typically 1HZ, can be supplied in Non Blinking type or different cycle.
• Weight : 730 + 10gm.


• High visibility of LED’s help ensure easy and safe night driving.
• Suggested to put them on the roadside.
• Ideal for highways, parking lots and roads.
• Easy installation and no maintenance required.Auto Switch On and Auto Switch Off.

• Warranty : 24 Months ,  repair warranty at factory premises.

Working Demonstration:

How to Install them:

Coming Soon 🙂

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