“Aakriti Solar” is flooded with about 50 inquiries every day to know the cost of their system requirement and to do a proper Energy Audit of your requirement so as to make it not only work but also cost as economical as possible our Designers have to face problems day in and day out and sometime it becomes un viable to respond to so many inquiries everyday and when we respond to someone, they say it is out of their budget making it more frustrating for us.

So in this section we are coming up with a novel idea that you may calculate the cost yourself after fielding the inputs and getting the desired results.We are into the process of making this software and should be available to general public by second week of April after 500 such permutation and combinations, which can give a rough idea of your system cost.
“Aakriti Solar”, however does not commit any contractual liability of this system, so you are requested to confirm the cost from us or from our service Engineer as it requires not only site inspections but taking further more inquiries.”

To Introduce you to this, the solar system comprises of three major components:

1. Solar panels           2.  Inverters        3. Batteries.

Solar Panels are the devices which produce electricity, which are normally 12volts,24 volts or as desired for the system need.

Inverters in turn steps up the voltage and turns into operational voltage of 12/24/48 volts from panels into desired output voltage to run your appliances such as lighting,computers,refrigerators and so on.

Batteries prime function is to store the charge and use,when there is no sunlight or no electricity from the Grid.

Before we are able to design a system for you,please understand to answer the following:

• How many kilowatt hours a month you use currently. This information can be found on your electric bill.Normally, in India the distribution company generate the bills on Bi monthly basis.So if your consumption is 600 units , you may divide your bill units by number of days(lets say 61) and that is  about 10 units a day, which actually means that you use 10 units of electricity @ 220 volts in 24 hours.You must also decide whether you want to use the solar Power for day only or night or for both day and night.If for day-how many hours and if for night ,how many hours.

• Which part of country do you live. ( we can estimate how much sunlight on an average your area receives) but this fact should be carefully looked at that we need only town or district or village.

• Where you will be able to install the panels. (A south facing roof is best.) and how much the space in available.The space means here is that where you can get maximum period sunlight in a day without shadows interfering at any time of the day.

• How much of your electric bill you can afford to offset with solar Power in %.

You are requested to take the following data, which should be ready before hand to try ascertaining your system cost:

1. Space requirement at your roof /Ground
2. Equipment which you want to Run
3. Total load of such equipment.
4. System Voltage  at which your equipment work
5. State where the system is Required.
6.  Hours of back up is needed(when the sunlight is not there)