Declaration: All what has been mentioned here is subject to change without giving any notice to anyone as and when the State or Central Government changes its taxation rules though  we try to upload the latest rules,we can not take responsibility for any loss on account to anyone due to this notification. Ordering on our site implies that you have checked and confirmed the rules at your local state level.

Within Delhi: Registered on Non Registered Dealer or consumer needs to pay tax @ 5% on all solar items and 12.5 % tax on Non Solar Items.

Outside Delhi : For registered dealer : Against “C” forms- 2% (however, you need to deposit the balance tax of 3% on Solar items and 10.5% on Non Solar items till the “C” forms are delivered to us.

: For Non Registered Dealers : 5% on Solar and 12.5% on the base price is charged extra as mentioned on the product page.

All other State or Central Levies such as Octroi e.t.c are chargeable to the customer extra as applicable.

Insurance : if the customer wishes to Insure its products,one must specifically call and ask the help desk for extra payment charged and they will happily furnish the information and insure your consignment in transit.

For all others who do not insure their consignment, the risk of loss , theft , breakage on any count will be on their account and Aakriti Solar Pvt Ltd. cant be held responsible.