Solar Highway Flasher

Solar Highway Flashers


Qty wise Price List
Quantity INR Price Export Price in USD
1 to 10 Nos 900 13.27
11-50 Nos 875 12.91
51-100Nos 850 12.54
101-250Nos 825 12.17
251-500Nos 800 11.80
501-1000Nos 775 11.43
above 1000 725 10.69

Product Description


Solar Highway Flashers (Double Side) are typically used on Highways where high speed traffic is there and a very little reaction time is there to avoid dangerous cults, curves, construction sites, crossing traffic or diversions. They ideally blink at a faster rate than 1 Hz to send warning signal to greater distances so that motorist can slow down and control his speed.It is visible from both side of roads to make it economically more viable.Instead of two lights and two poles, you use only one instrument.

There are three types of alternating lighting color system in Solar Highway Flashers(single side) – Red and Amber, Amber and Amber, Red and Blue depending from country to country requirements code.

Specifications of Solar Highway flashers(Double Side):

• Each capsule consist of 30 led’s, emitting high frequency flashing of 120 cycles/min for giving advance warning to motorist.
• Mono Crystalline / Poly crystalline panel of 12 watts.
• Battery: 12 volts, 7.2 Ah – Exide.
• Color Combination: Red and Amber, Amber and Amber, Red and Blue.
• Enclosure: Stainless Steel (Anti Rust) or Mild Steel as required.
• Light Enclosure: Poly carbonate, U.V. resistant.
• Weight: Depends on Module.
• Backup: 63 hours when fully charged.
• Charge time: 8 to 9 hours.
• Height Recommended: 8 to 10 feet from ground level.

Advantages of Solar Highway Flashers(Double Side):

• No electricity requirement.
• No Short Circuits, No danger from shocks, completely safe.
• Autonomous lights, No switching on-off, self sufficient.
• No Running cost, hence economical.
• Completely water Proof so long life.
• Good visibility and attracts the attention of motorists for impending dangerous sites ahead.

Working Demonstration:


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